30VR101. Joan. DX´s on 11 band. The Magic Band.
Eleven meters band publications by 30VR101. Joan.


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Eqsl 50SD001. Alex from Rostov on Don Russia.

50SD001 Op. Alex.

Date 04/11/2020

Freq. 27610 USB.

Por 30VR101 - 4 de Noviembre, 2020, 13:17, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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Eqsl 30RC555. Op Antonio.

30RC555 Eqsl from A Coruña Spain.

Date 05/10/2020

Freq. 27600 USB. Un placer siempre cruzar antenas. Hasta la próxima.

Por 30VR101 - 12 de Octubre, 2020, 16:22, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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Eqsl 1AT192. Op Andrea from Italy.

1AT292 Eqsl from Marsala TP Italy.

Date 05/10/2020

Freq. 27600 USB. Grazie mille Andrea x Eqsl.

Por 30VR101 - 12 de Octubre, 2020, 16:09, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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MFJ-915 RF Isolator 1.8-30 Mhz

The RF Isolator can reduce or eliminate stray RF often founf on coax.

1:1 current balun designed to be placed in line with 50 ohm.

Por 30VR101 - 29 de Julio, 2020, 15:38, Categoría: Antennas
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160AT0 by 15AT104 Vic.

Dividion: Sudan.

Date 08/03/2020

Por 30VR101 - 6 de Julio, 2020, 11:39, Categoría: QSL´s
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Antena Triple Bazooka para 11 metros?

Triple Bazooka para 11 metros?

El tercer brazo se aplica en las antenas doble bazooka únicamente en la banda de 40 metros

al tratarse de un elemento que convierte el dipolo en un tripolo,

para convertir esta antena en una NVIS.

De ese modo la antena emite hacia su vertical con máxima elevación y permite una cobertura sin igual en toda la Península "EA".

Es parecido a lo que consigue el ejército cuando quiere asegurar cobertura en unos 500 Km de radio.

En el caso de la banda de 11 metros es totalmente diferente ya que se comporta de un modo distinto al primar el contacto DX.

En resumen, este elemento sería poco efectivo en 10 y 11 metros.

Conclusión no gastes tu dinero en una Triple Bazooka para la banda de 11 metros.

Gracias Cuco Team x info.

Por 30VR101 - 18 de Junio, 2020, 10:33, Categoría: Antennas
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The ground conditions.

The ground conditions.

Polarization of a Antena.

A vertical placed antenna is capable of producing quite low take-off angles without being placed high above the ground.

For example: a normal GPA is able to produce angle's in the order of 16 degrees when it is sitting at the ground,

a horizontal placed dipole has to be at 9 meters to does the same thing.  A horizontal dipole placed lower then 9 meters

will have probably worse DX results as the vertical. As said earlier it is not for nothing that for low frequencies

(below 27 mhz say 7/3,5mhz or evan 1,8mhz), HAMs very often use verticals for DXing.

There are stories going around which say that vertical polarized antennas supposed to be worse for DXing

cause they're radiation pattern sloops along with the earth.(it continues along the earth further then the horizon).

Although I do not have any fundamental prove that this is not true. The opposite did not happen either.

I think it is not true, I can not think of a reason why the radiation pattern would not take-off under a low angle.

One bad aspect of verticals however is know, a vertical above bad ground (desert) can't fill the high expectations which we just gave it.

Horizontal antennas often outperform verticals under these conditions. At bad ground it is a bad DX antenna the reasons for that are to far to go into at this site.

An example was that a horizontal 1 element quad proved to be 1 to 2 S-units stronger towards Europe from 234 division (very bad ground). 

Above good ground this effect seems to be amplified just think of those /MM stat ions.. This advantage of a vertical antenna,

just might be where the Quad has got its great reputation from. A quad has two times a quarter wave radiating section which is vertical polarized.

In the old days on lower frequencies HAMs reported that the band seemed to be opening earlier on a quad then on a yagi, the band seemed to close a bit later as well. 

So when you can not place your favorite antenna high enough a vertical can be a solution for you if you want to work some DX. 

There are also disadvantages to vertical, It produces more noises...so the station you want to hear is often deeper away.

A vertical is more sensitive to QRM at the neighbors Above 8 to 9 meters a horizontal antenna will produce a lower or the same take-off angel, thus better for "real" DX.

A Beam polarized vertical will be influenced more by the mast then a horizontal beam, unless it is far enough away from this mast or the mast is made out of non-guiding material.

Most are omni-directional so all stations are heard, this can be an advantage as well. It performs poor above "bad" ground like desert.  

Tnx M.r Dave 30DA016 x info. 73' s dx' man.

Por 30VR101 - 17 de Junio, 2020, 13:28, Categoría: Antennas
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34PAT010 Operator Segio Eqsl.

34PAT010 Segio.

Lanzarote Isl.

Date 13/06/2020

Por 30VR101 - 15 de Junio, 2020, 9:33, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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Altura ideal para DX.

Altura antena para DX.

Teniendo en cuenta el condicionante de la altura, podemos concluir que existen alturas mejores y alturas peores

para colocar un dipolo para trabajar óptimamente los DX.

O sea para contactar con estaciones muy lejanas que nos llegan por ángulos muy bajos de radiación, especialmente entre 5º y 15º.

Para cada banda, podemos realizar una tabla en la que nos aparecen las alturas mejores (en verde),

que son las más aconsejables para trabajar el DX en esa banda,

y las más desaconsejables (en rojo), porque no permiten una buena operación en DX. Veamos los cálculos en la Tabla I.

Recommended height for DX in different bands.

Info by EA3OG

Por 30VR101 - 13 de Junio, 2020, 14:16, Categoría: Antennas
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EAntenna DBZ11.

EAntenna DBZ11.

Double Bazooka Dipole.

Presintonized Factory 27.000 to 27.995 KHz at 6 meters of height. .

A DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna is an extremely broad banded Half Wave Antenna

which can operate efficiently across an entire Ham band with little change to the SWR.

The BAZOOKA antenna design was developed by the staff of M.I.T. in the early 1940"s for use by the U.S. Government as a radar antenna.

It was modified for amateur radio use in the 1950"s.

Since this antenna has no exposed metal wire static charges can not build up thus reducing noise by 6dB over antennas constructed of exposed wire.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna will handle full legal limit power with no effect to performance.

The DOUBLE BAZOOKA is recommended to be mounted in an inverted "V" configuration for optimum results.

However the DOUBLE BAZOOKA can be configured horizontally with equally good results.

Por 30VR101 - 18 de Mayo, 2020, 21:01, Categoría: Antennas
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Eqsl 1SD300 Alex from Italy.

1SD300. M.r Alex.


Date 12/05/2020

Por 30VR101 - 12 de Mayo, 2020, 11:31, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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Certificado Operador C.B 2019

Certificado operador C.B 2019.

C.B Operator Certificate.

Por 30VR101 - 10 de Mayo, 2020, 17:57, Categoría: Awards
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Eqsl from Italy 1SD212. Oper. Rudy.

1SD212. M.r Rudy.


Date 29/04/2020

Por 30VR101 - 29 de Abril, 2020, 17:37, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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T2LT Antenna.

T2LT Antenna..

26.700 to 28.500 Mhz

Gain 0dBd.

Power 500 W & 1000 W Short time

Length 5.5 m.

Soon I am publishing the results of this quick-mount antenna on a fishing rod.

Testing from my car

Quick assembly. Perfect antenna for field trips.

Por 30VR101 - 4 de Marzo, 2020, 12:11, Categoría: Antennas
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My new SkyLoop-11.

My new SkyLoop-11 BigSignal.

Testing this antenna with poor propagation conditions.

Any Yagi 3 elements best option. For example SkyLoop 3 div Brazil negative signal and Yagi antenna 3 elemts Signal 2 to 3.

Positively I must say that it is made of good material and offers great wind resistance.

I can confirm that this antenna is a better option than any vertical antenna but never a better option than a directive antenna.

Por 30VR101 - 27 de Febrero, 2020, 20:56, Categoría: Antennas
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55AT108. M.r Francis from Gibraltar.

55AT108. M.r Francis.


Date 01/09/2019

Por 30VR101 - 12 de Enero, 2020, 10:45, Categoría: QSL´s
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Direct postcard 55AT108

Direct postcard 55AT108. M.r Francis.


Date 01/09/2019

Por 30VR101 - 12 de Enero, 2020, 10:38, Categoría: Postcard
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93CI001 David. QTH Malta.

93CI001. Oper. David.

Date 17/12/2019

Por 30VR101 - 17 de Diciembre, 2019, 22:40, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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16CI555. Oper. Wesley. Belgium

16CI555. Oper. Wesley.

Date 08/10/2019

Por 30VR101 - 16 de Noviembre, 2019, 17:42, Categoría: QSL´s
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Eqsl 19EK111. Oper. Wim.

19EK111. Oper. Wim.

Date 08/11/2019

Por 30VR101 - 8 de Noviembre, 2019, 13:15, Categoría: Eqsl´s
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30VR101. Joan.

Valencia Spain.

11 meters band.

The Magic Band.



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